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     Some of the Completed Projects since 1995:

  • - McLean, VA

      4,780 SqFt Demo and Buildout of High-end office space

  • Lifefuels - Reston, VA

      2,200 SqFt Demo and Buildout of High-end office space

  • Pebblebrook Hotel Trust & Corridor - Bethesda, MD

      23,000 SqFt First Generation build-out of a High-end office space and corridor

  • MedStar Lafayette Building 2 / 5th Floor - Washington, DC

      11,440 SqFt Demo and Buildout of High-end office space

  • JPMorgan Chase Bank - Washington, DC

      2,576 SqFt Demo and Build-out of a new banking facility

  • JPMorgan Chase Bank - McLean, VA

      3,201 SgFt Demo and Build-out of a new banking facility

  • CTA House - Washington, DC

      9,664 SgFt Demo, reconfigure and build-out of two adjoined row houses into one larger commercial tenant space

  • Marriott 4th Floor - Gaithersburg, MD

      12,000 SqFt Demo and Build-out of High-end office space

  • Bertelsmann Foundation - Washington, DC

      7,200 SqFt Demo and Build-out of High-end office space on two floors 

  • KAUST - Arlington, VA

      12,000 SqFt Demo and renovation of a High-end office space including the addition of a Fiber Optic wall lighting system

  • The Ellington - Washington, DC

      16,000 SqFt Hotel demo and renovation

  • 4200 Ballston - Arlington, VA

      21,939 SqFt Demo and Build-out of High-end office space and Lobby

  • Intercontinental Exchange - Reston, VA

      8,175 SqFt Demo & Build-out of an High-end office space

  • OCC DC - Washington, DC

      5,000 SqFt Demo & Build-out of an High-end office space

  • Two Birds - Washington, DC

      10,290 SqFt 2-Story w/Elevator Demo and Build-out of a Coworking / Childcare Facility

  • Evan's Inc. - Falls Church, VA

      18,516 SqFt Demo & Build-out of an High-end office space

  • Cognizant - Washington,DC

      6,800.00 SqFt Demo & Build-out of an High-end office space

  • Thai Phat - Capital Heights, Maryland

      28,852 SqFt Build-out of a Storage Warehouse, Office space and Refrigeration coolers for Food storage

  • Metro Square Daycare - Washington, DC

      2,400 SqFt Demo and build-out of a Daycare Center

  • West End Strategy / 2401 Spec Suite - Washington, DC 

      9,175 SqFt Demo and Build-out of a High-end office spaces

  • RBA - Alexandria, VA

      10,119 SqFt Demo and Build-out of a High-end office space

  • Metro Square L6 - Washington, DC

      12,000 SqFt Demo and Build-out of a High-end office spaces

  • Womble, Bond, Dickinson Law Firm - Fairfax, VA

       23,000 SqFt First Generation Build-out of a High-End Law Firm

  • Metro Square Spec Suites & Marketing - Washington, DC

      49,000 SqFt High-End Demo and Tenant Renovation including a Landlord Lease Marketing Center

  • Fitzgerald Auto Mall Parking Garage - Gaithersburg, MD

      310,375 SqFt Ground-Up 5-Level parking garage including new service, Fire alarm, CCTV, 2-Elevators and Solar integration 


  • Metro Square Phase - D - Washington, DC

      42,000 SqFt Demo and Build-out of a High-end office spaces

  • Johnson Controls Inc. - Rockville, MD

      17,000 SqFt Demo and High-End Tenant renovation    

  • Divine Mercy University - Sterling, VA

      42,360 SqFt misc. Demo and renovation of classrooms, cafeteria and Worship area

  • Metro Square Fitness Center & Penthouse - Washington, DC

      ​32,000 SqFt High-End Build-out of a Fitness Center and Roof-Top planters and lights

  • Wells Fargo - Bethesda, MD

      19,000 SqFt High-End Demo and Tenant Build-out

  • Well Fargo - Fairfax, VA

      150,000 SqFt Multi-Floor High-End Demo and Tenant Renovation in a 17 & 12 Story fully occupied Building

  • Downtown DC - Washington, DC

      11,000 SqFt High-End demo and Tenant Renovation ​

  • Infinity Spa - Reston, VA

      ​2,200 SqFt High-End Build-out of a new Fitness Center

  • L'Enfant Plaza - Washington, DC

      Demo and Tenant Build-out of Government Office Space       

  • Perkins Eastman Architectural Firm - Washington, DC

      25,000 SqFt High-End Demo and Interior Renovation of an Architectural Firm

  • The Optical Society - Washington, DC

      59,000 SqFt Phased Demo and Interior Renovation of Six Floors while occupied

  • Capital Hill Club - Washington, DC

      4,000 SqFt Demo and High-End Build-out for a Conference Center and Lounge/Kitchen

  • Deloitte Digital - Arlington, VA

      28,000 SqFt Phased Demo and Interior Renovation while occupied

  • Groom Law - Washington, DC

      41,000 SqFt Phased Demo and Law Firm Renovation with 3-Story Stair LED Wall

  • Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Headquarters - Washington, DC

      Historical Building Demo and Build-out of High-End Office space including a roof top mounted 40KW generator

  • Cisco/Sourcefire - Columbia, MD 

       New 1,600 Amp Service and Distribution upgrades, new 15,000 SqFt IT Room and Office renovation while fully

       occupied and operational

  • United Medical Center Hospital - Washington, DC

      Multiple Department Phased and occupied Renovations including CT Scanner, MRI Installation and Patient Care rooms

  • DC Metro Church - Alexandria, VA

      46,000 SQ. FT. Demo and Build-out of Megachurch Sanctuary including a 40' LED Panel Wall and stage lighting

  • MRI Global - Gaithersburg, MD

      42,000 SqFt Demo and Renovation of Lab and Research Areas including a new 500 KW Generator

  • Crystal House Building Washer/Dryer Upgrade - Arlington, VA

       New Washer/Dryer infrastructure installation for 432-Occupied apartments in Two 13-Story buildings. This also included                                      upgrading Two-3,000 Amp Services with minimal tenant disruption    

  • Crystal House 390 Apartment Renovations - Arlington, VA 

      Phased Demo and renovation of 390-Apartments

  • Crystal House Building 1 & 2 Pool & Exterior Renovations - Arlington, VA

       Roof Deck, Pool, and Exterior Renovations Demo and renovation of 2-Roof decks, a commercial pool and removal/replacement

       of 119 site lights   

  • Crystal House Building 1 & 2 Lobbies - Arlington, VA

      2-Penthouse and 2-Lobby Renovations Demo and renovation of 2-Entrance lobbies and 2-Fitness centers

  • Bread for the City - Washington DC

      New ground-up 3-story Patient Care Facility

  • Ellsworth Place Mall - Silver Spring, MD

      51,000 SqFt Demo and Interior Build-out of Ross, Michael's, and TJ Maxx Stores and exterior Jumbo Screen install

  • Deltek - Herndon, VA

      150,000 SqFt Multiple floor Fast-Track demo and tenant build out including a new 350KW generator and UPS system for a

      new Data Center

  • South African Embassy - Washington, DC

      BIM Coordinated 54,133  SqFt Renovation of Two 4-Story Secured Embassy Buildings Adjoined by a multi-Story Glass walkway Structure

  • Toro Toro Restaurant - Washington, DC

       New 10,000 SgFt upscale 2-story Renovation including bartops, kitchens and nightclub

  • Johns Hopkins University Bayview - Baltimore, MD

       89,000 SqFt Multiple floor Office and Medical Build-Out

  • Mango Tree Restaurant - Washinton, DC

      8,000 SqFt upscale City Center 2-Story Renovation including bartops, kitchen, elevator, and custom imported lighting

  • U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) - Washington, DC

      145,600 SqFt 7-floor Tenant Renovation

  • Savage Library - Laurel, MD

      24,130 SqFt Library Renovation 

  • Mount Vernon Mental Health Facility - Alexandria, VA  

      Two-Phase 25,000 SgFt Occupied Renovation of a Mental Health Patient Facility 

  • Department of Homeland Security - Fairfax, VA

      UPS & 4,500 SgFt Computer Room Power Distribution Build-out

  • Inter-American Development Bank - Washington, DC

      Multi-Phase Renovations continuously being performed year-round since 1995

  • US Airways - Crystal City, VA

      350,000 SqFt Interior Renovation of 12-Floors including new CAT 5/fiber-optic infrastructure. Renovation also included the                                 installation of a 750KW generator, 10-ATS's and 10-UPS systems on multiple floors interconnected to a new emergency power

      infrastructure system. 

  • Saks Fifth Avenue - Chevy Chase, MD

      100,000 SqFt  Renovation of 4-Floors

  • Saks Fifth Avenue - Men's Store - Washington, DC

      21,125 SqFt New Retail Space Build-out

  • National Press Building - Washington, DC

      Various Projects on multiple floors

  • Giorgio Armani - Chevy Chase, MD

      8,900 SgFt Retail Renovation 

  • Lancaster Food Distribution - Jessup, MD

       60,000 SqFt Design-Build Service Upgrade and power distribution infrastructure throughout ​an occupied food Refrigeration facility

  • Howard County Government Police Station - Ellicott City, MD

       Complete Police Station Renovation while fully occupied and operational

  • BB&T Bank - Washington, DC

       2,702 sq. ft Retail Renovation

  • Luxembourg Embassy - Washington, DC 

       Interior renovation and fire alarm replacement

  • Landsburg Apartment renovation - Washington, DC

      28-Apartment unit renovation 

  • LDS Church - Washington, DC

      New 3-Story ground-up church 

  • Highland Shopping Center - Clarksville, MD

       New 2-story ground-up shopping center consisting of retail, restaurant and office space.

  • JHU University DAR @ San Martin - Baltimore, MD

      42,000 SqFt Office space Build-out from a white shell

  • MMG - Rockville, MD

      28,000 SqFt Tenant Renovation

  • Sandy Spring National Bank - Lisbon, MD

      New Ground-up Bank

  • Excom - Bethesda, MD

      9,000 SqFt Geospatial Government  Facility Office Renovation

  • Motor Vehicle Administration - Gaithersburg, MD

      Complete interior renovation and site lighting upgrades

  • Montgomery County Courthouse - Rockville, MD

      Complete Renovation of 4-Court Rooms

  • District of Columbia Courthouse - Washington, DC

       Kitchen Interior Renovation

  • B&O Railroad - Howard County, MD

      Interior Renovations to Museum

  • Dance Institute of Washington - Washington, DC

       25,000 SqFt New 2-Story ground-up building

  • 1110 Columbia Road - Washington, DC

      19-Unit Apartment Renovation

  • The Non-Quitt - Washington, DC

      Conversion of 22-Apartments to 11-Duplex Apartments

  • Clear Channel Communication - Rockville, MD

      Demo & Tenant/Radio Station  Build-Out

  • Air Mobility Command @ BWI Airport - Baltimore, MD

       7,500 SqFt Interior Renovation

  • Armed Forces Benefit Association - Alexandria, VA

      Multiple Office Renovations over a 12-year period

  • Good Hope Church - Silver Spring, MD

      New Ground-up building

  • Argyle Apartments #11 & #18 - Washington,DC

      Renovation of 8-Apartment Units

  • Kalarama Lofts - Washington, DC

      Build-out of 36-Apartment Units in a new 5-story building 

  • Miller & Long - Bethesda, MD

      Tenant Improvements

  • Congregation Beth El - Bethesda, MD

      7,800 SqFt Addition/Renovation

  • Starbucks - MD, DC, & VA

       Multiple Locations; Retail  Renovations/Build-Out/Service

  • Qdoba Mexican Grill - Herndon, VA

      New restaurant Build-out

  • Elevation Burger - Falls Church, VA

       New restaurant Build-out

  • Burke Library - Burke, VA

      New 2-story Ground-up Library Ground-Up Building

  • Burke Volunteer Fire Department - Burke, VA

       New Ground-Up Fire Station &  Community Center


  • Thai Embassy - Washington, DC

      Renovation of the dinning room, kitchen and reception areas​

  • Staples - MD, DC, & VA

      Multiple location renovation of Retail space

  • Safeway - MD, DC, & VA

      Multiple location interior renovations and remodels

  • George Washington Univ. JBKO Hall - Washington DC

      New Fire alarm installation in a 10-Story college Dorm​

  • Apple Federal Credit Union - Alexandria, VA

      New Ground-up 2-Story Bank and office space building

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